Beating the Workplace Bully – A Tactical Guide to Taking Charge

Beating the Workplace Bully
254 Pages
ISBN 978-0-8144-35688-2

Do you face one or more bullies? Would you like to outsmart or turn the tables on them? Beating the Workplace Bully offers you tactics that work, whether you're dealing with a "silent grenade," an angry aggressive jerk, a character assassin, a scorched earth fighter or a Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde.

You'll learn how to handle confrontations and yourself when you're under fire; how to route the bully out of your mind; how to escape the seven most common bully traps; and how to defeat Bullyspeak. You'll learn to deal with bully bosses, bully employees and cyber-bullies. You'll discover what HR and leaders can do and the right way to ask managers for help.

The book is written in a fun, engaging manner and has a 4.8 star rating from reviewers and a 4.8 star rating from reviewers.

The book is available in paperbook, ebook and CD versions.

Lynne M Curry

About Lynne M Curry (Anchorage, Alaska Author)

Lynne M Curry

Curry has authored four books, Beating the Workplace Bully, AMACOM, 2016; Managing Equally & Legally, McFarland & Company, 1990; Solutions and Won By One, Communication Works, 2002, 2006, 2012. Curry's "Dear Abby of the Workplace" business column has been published weekly since 1982 in the Alaska Dispatch News (formerly the Anchorage Daily News) and has also appeared in newspapers in Washington and Illinois.

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