Blood of Invidia – Maestru Series Book 1

Blood of Invidia
307 Pages
ISBN 978-0-9888059-2-7

2017 Dragon Award Finalist.

10,000 years ago, a warrior race waged unrelenting war across our galaxy. They were the Invidians and they conquered worlds. Arrogant mortal beings, driven to fulfill their destiny and build an everlasting empire , they sought the secret to eternal life. They found it.

And then they disappeared.

Tomorrow afternoon, a Vampire battles Werewolves in the middle of Times Square. Shortly after, the ashen-skinned Agorans arrive to calm our fears. Find out why the galactic order rests on the shoulders of three human beings and one mysterious stranger. To save us, they must follow the ancient path paved in the “Blood of Invidia”.

There's over-the-top action in this SciFi/Paranormal (Non-Romance) novel packed with Galaxy Conquering Immortals, Shape Shifting Warriors, Yakuza Ninjas and "Roswell" Gray Visitors .

Aliens, Vampires and Werewolves...Oh, my! These aren't cute candy eating extraterrestrials, or sparkly "Tween" bloodsuckers. This is the breathtaking beginning of the Maestru Series!

Tom Tinney

About Tom Tinney (Milwaukee, Wisconsin Author)

Tom Tinney

Who is Tom “PiR8” Tinney? He is the published author of numerous Science Fiction, Flash Fiction, FantaSci and Biker stories. Yes…a Biker-nerd.

His time in the service (USAF), and riding with two-wheeled ne’er-do-wells, has left enough skeletons in his closet to crush a small car. His political slant, biker attitude/lifestyle and previous experience editing a motorcycle magazine, along with homegrown writing skills, have led him to produce and contribute numerous novels, stories and articles into various genres (Science Fiction, FantaSci, Biker, Detective and technical).

He currently lives in East-Central Wisconsin with his Spousal unit and two dogs.

Ride Safe, Ride often.

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