Bully Route Home

Bully Route Home won the prestigious Royal Palm Literary Award for best literary manuscript

Bully Route Home focus is on two issues that continue to command today’s headlines, bullying and race relations. The continuing problem of bullying and the festering divide race relations create, tear at our country. Their roots are in our past. Bully Route Home provides a picture of where we’ve been and of a time and place to which we should not return. “Pooch” Robertson is a twelve-year-old growing up in the 1940’s rural South. He learns about the realities and shortcomings of the world he lives in when a bully terrorizes him. Pooch chooses to walk home from school by making a detour through the black “quarters” to avoid daily beatings. The friendship he forms with a black youth creates a chain of events that threatens to spiral out of control and plunge the community into a full-fledged race war. Walk with Pooch as he, his parents, and others struggle to avoid the conflict and plant a seed of racial understanding.

Some of the judges’ comments are: • “The following is just about the highest compliment I can give a book: It is reminiscent of “To Kill A Mocking Bird”, not just in plot, but in language, mood, and adventure. • “I was never pulled out of the story-It flowed beautifully.” • “Where do I begin? When I read good writing, I underline good verbiage- I underlined practically this entire entry.” • “… the writing is masterful.” • “The setting is so rich that I felt like I was there. The characters are richly developed without sounding stereotypical.” • “This book ROCKS!” • “What a beautiful fresh voice…”

DL Havlin

About DL Havlin (Ft. Myers, Florida Author)

DL Havlin

DL Havlin is an eclectic, traditionally published author whose varied experiences and background provide him with a memory chest full of material for writing his novels. He graduated from the University of Cincinnati and attended pre-law at Rollins. “History & Mystery” are the genres he’s best know for, but produces a literary work occasionally.

His life has been as varied as his novels. Havlin’s occupations have included tasks from systems analyst to world-wide customer service director and from licensed boat captain to football coach. He’s in demand as a speaker regarding historical events and a seminar presenter for relationship and writing skills.

During his business career, one of his special skills was teaching and implementing programs regarding human relations. He uses this knowledge to create characters that drastically enhance plots by increasing natural tensions between individuals while keeping them extremely believable people. DL continues to share these skills via seminars.

Contact the Seymour Literary Agency for information about his current writing, and dramatic & foreign rights. For speaking engagements, local appearances, and general information contact his publicist at prlady2016@gmail.com .