Carnal Knowledge – The Adoration of a Dangerous Woman and the Death of a Dream

Carnal Knowledge
328 Pages
Independently Published
ISBN 9781980819462

Having traveled thousands of miles to attend college in the mountains of Colorado, Desi expects to start fresh with an abundance of friends, sunshine, and independence. After meeting a group of people who change her life forever, Desi is faced with exploring a new level of her bisexuality when she takes on polyamory. The center of her unorthodox group, the oft cantankerous, and suddenly alluring Evan edges her way to the forefront as ringleader over her friends and holder of Desi's heart. But Desi finds some things are better left unsaid. With their relationship both a blessing and a curse, will Desi obey to keep herself safe or will she break the rules for the people she loves?

Lexi Mohney

About Lexi Mohney (Brighton, Michigan Author)

Lexi Mohney

Lexi Mohney is an author from Traverse City, MI and is currently living outside of Ann Arbor. She has two Yorkshire Terriers, a love of art, and a passion for helping others overcome their circumstances. Having spent months on a cross-country road trip to complete her first novel, Carnal Knowledge, Lexi also enjoys traveling out of country living in beautiful places such as Italy and Japan. She hopes to see every country of the world someday.