Chocolate and Everything Else – Easy Recipes Your Body will Love

Chocolate and Everything Else
139 Pages
ISBN ISBN 978-0-9982549-2-0

Everyone loves chocolate, yet few know about its health benefits. In Chocolate and Everything Else, Cheryl Townsley, #1 Amazon Author, shares a simple tutorial on how to buy chocolate, the health benefits and then how to use the best chocolate.

If for any reason you don't like chocolate, there are many other favorite dishes from Chicken Pot Pie to Best Coffee-Rubbed Steak to Pumpkin Cheesecake. Cheryl is known for simple recipes that simply taste delicious without using wheat, processed sugars or unhealthy fats.

Each recipe has a full-color photo to help you 'see' the recipe as well as read it. Learn to enjoy having fun in the kitchen by playing with food and loving what you make.

Cheryl Townsley

About Cheryl Townsley (Denver, Colorado Author)

Cheryl Townsley

Cheryl Townsley has helped tens of thousands of people around the world create health and enjoy the process. She is known for being practical and helping people discover EASY approaches to health and food.

She has authored 17 books, appeared on over 1,000 television and radio shows and is a 'repeat' guest due to her practicality, experience and knowledge. Whether it is a tasty collection of recipes in cookbooks, practical guides to health or her newsletters and blogs, Cheryl helps people create the health they only thought was possible for others.

Cheryl experienced the shock of going from corporate success to a nervous breakdown, weight gain and suicide attempts when her health crashed. She knows first hand what it takes to recover, restore and become vibrant. She encourage others to do the same. Health is our most valuable resource and Cheryl Townsley helps you invest and experience real benefits from day one.