Coffee and Conversations – Inclusion and Belonging

Coffee and Conversations
32 Pages
ISBN 1734086548

Coffee and Conversations: Inclusion and Belonging is a guide to getting beyond the racial and economic chasm that has separated humans for far too long. Author, Zenell Brown suggests we put down the protest signs, stop marching, and just sit down with a cup of coffee and have an honest conversation while following her guidelines that lead to genuine change.

This 28 minute read will stir up good conversations and good trouble to help us make inclusion the norm in the workplace.

Zenell B. Brown,esq

About Zenell B. Brown,esq (Detroit, Michigan Author)

Zenell B. Brown,esq

Zenell B. Brown, Experienced Court Executive and Certified Diversity Professional, has assisted local legal communities as well as state and federal courts assess their efforts to create inclusive workspaces and identify concrete actions to fulfill upon their diversity and inclusion missions and goals.

She is a self-described “Everyday Inclusionist with Zen” and in Coffee and Conversations: Inclusion and Belonging, her vision is to stir up conversations of inclusion and belonging in our work communities.