Collin of Terraneese – A Journey into the 7th Dimension

Collin of Terraneese
160 Pages
ISBN 1511951869

Jan finds herself haunted by the gypsy chant, "You shall meet a dark man in a dark land and be changed forever."

Home for a small town parade, she is transported to another dimension where she must remain until she can solve the key to her destiny and the mysterious prophecy everyone in Terraneese keeps referring to.

Strange creatures, the gypsy and Collin try and aid Jan in her quest, while a dark presence lurks, trying to prevent her from obtaining the answers she seeks.

Claudia Aragon

About Claudia Aragon (San Diego, California Author)

Claudia Aragon

Claudia Aragon lives in Escondido, California with her husband. She has written six books: 'The American Dream' the story of the de Jong family's immigration to the United States from Holland. 'Separated By Midnight' a short story collection. 'Collin of Terraneese' a fantasy story. "Call of the Ocean Muse' a collection of surfing poetry and photography. 'The Adventures of Bugawump' and 'A Bugawump Christmas' volumes 1 and 2 in the Bugawump picture book adventure series.

Her writing has appeared in the San Diego Reader, Greenprints, Ideagems, Tough Lit and The Adventures for the Average Woman magazines. She has also written for the Poway Patch online newspaper, the Sacramento, Chico and Tahoe News and Review, and The Paper newspapers.

Her poetry has been featured in the San Diego Poetry Annual, the Magee Parks Poetry Anthology and the Summation Anthology. 'Call of the Ocean Muse' her book of surfing poetry and poems have been featured in WSSM-Women’s Surf Style Magazine.