Echoes of the Past

Echoes of the Past
203 Pages
ISBN 978-1-942622-16-1

A picture perfect morning. A dead woman washed onto the beach.

Kathleen Donaghue’s summer research trip to Wales turns upside down in that horrible moment when she finds the body. Without warning, the intrigue surrounding the victim sucks her into an eddy of unanswered questions. Who was she? How did she come to be washed ashore? Was it murder?

That night, an enigmatic stranger arrives at her hotel, and with a brief encounter, he sets her trouble radar on alert. A man to be avoided. Only he seems to go out of his way to find her as their paths continue to cross. The more Kathleen tries to pull away, the more fate shoves her closer.

Through her growing fears, Kathleen wonders if she is tangled in a mystery that might endanger her life.

The first book in a series of international romantic suspense novels, Echoes of the Past is set in present-day North Wales with an American Rose Abroad.

Riona Kelly

About Riona Kelly (Reno, Nevada Author)

Riona Kelly

Riona Kelly is the suspense romance pen name used by another writer and her collaborator. Both ladies enjoy the genre as well as science fiction and fantasy among other things. Long-time residents of Reno, Nevada, they find the lifestyle and town suit them well. They both enjoy Irish music and the culture and love to travel, sometimes together.

When not collaborating on a book, they love to go to movies, cook, do canning, and play music. Collectively, they play the harp, guitar, bodhran, tin whistle, and spoons... not well, but they do manage.

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