ENTRUPPTED – Where Entrepreneurship is Interrupted

260 Pages
ISBN 978-1-64324-999-5

Radhika Narayan is missing.

The road to entrepreneurial pinnacle is fraught with blocks which she had never imagined nor bargained for. She was ready to pay a price but others were also striving to win their individual battles at any cost or consequence. Ultimately, who will succeed?

This is the story of the corporate breed who are blinded by the web of official needs and their personal greed. Everyone is a hunter in this corporate jungle. A grey jungle where the hunter may not be the winner and the hunted need not be the loser. Then who is the culprit?

Enjoy the thriller moments as you try to unfold this corporate mystery. You may even find your own non-fictional story in this fictional work.

Devarajan Venkat

About Devarajan Venkat (New York, New York Author)

Devarajan Venkat

Devarajan Venkat (Dev) is a Mumbai-based investment banker who banks on his words for his livelihood. He had mugged up words to become a chartered accountant. His spoken words during interviews helped him end up with low-profile jobs in high-profile companies. When he ran out of words to motivate, he quit his 10-to-9 job to start an entrepreneurial journey of 10-to-10; a journey to spread his words of wisdom to entrepreneurs although they may not necessarily agree with his pearls. Somewhere during this journey, Dev attained enlightenment. Once again, he had to resort to words to give wings to his Buddha moment to paint a picture of corporate India.

He is an avid Bollywood buff who rarely misses a Friday show. It’s just a coincidence that he was a CFO in two of the leading media companies of India - Reliance Group and Balaji Telefilms.

His entrepreneurial journey is interrupted by the many women of his life – mainly his mother, wife and 2 daughters.