Especially For You – Finding a New Purpose After Unspeakable Loss

Especially For You
624 Pages
Float Tide Publishing
ISBN 978-0-9992113-1-1

Awakening from every parent’s worst nightmare, the death of his oldest son in a car crash, journalist and aspiring teacher Ken Brack sets out to find how people rebuild their lives after catastrophic loss. Meeting parents and siblings, students and entrepreneurs from across the country, Brack gathers the wrenching and ultimately uplifting stories of people who grow through extraordinary trials by finding a new purpose. Many of them confront the very forces that tore open their lives, which can exact a heavy cost. Especially For You offers fresh light on our responses to horrific ordeals, driven by an arresting emotional intimacy in the author’s narrative voice.

A hybrid of narrative, reportorial, and creative nonfiction, the book speaks passionately to readers facing loss and to a broader audience moved by stories of compassion, resilience, and our capacity to heal. Six years after losing their son, the author and his wife reach out to other bereaved families, opening a nonprofit with support groups, counseling, and wellness programs that has become a leading resource in southern New England. The couple endures other occasional fractures as he grapples with the cause of their son’s death while she manages their nonprofit, Hope Floats Healing and Wellness Center, in Kingston, Ma. A decade later, Denise Brack decides to make quilts for their two other children from their son Michael’s clothes, a creative, restorative step that emerges as a unifying metaphor.

Proceeds from this book will support Hope Floats’ outreach to grieving families. (

Ken Brack

About Ken Brack (Boston, Massachusetts Author)

Ken Brack

Ken Brack is a narrative nonfiction author moved by how people grow through catastrophic ordeals. His first book, Closer By The Mile, is the story of the country’s leading single-event athletic fundraiser, the Pan-Mass Challenge bike-a-thon for cancer research. A native of Natick, Ma., he blogs for Psychology Today and other publications, and in 2008 co-founded a nonprofit bereavement center, Hope Floats Healing and Wellness Center, in Kingston, Ma. ( with his wife, Denise Brack. A longtime journalist in New England, Brack has a M.Ed. from Northeastern University and taught high school English in Boston.

Brack has written for the Patriot Ledger, Kennebec Journal, and free-lanced for others including The Boston Sunday Globe West Weekly. He has also contributed to The Huffington Post’s Education section, Philanthropy Journal, the National Alliance for Grieving Children, Grief Digest and other publications. Ken posts regularly on his author’s website, Especially For You is an imprint of his indie press, Float Tide Publishing (, created in 2017 to support emerging voices in narrative nonfiction, poetry, fiction, and memoir.