Friends Who Move Couches

Friends Who Move Couches
214 Pages

“Think Sex and the City meets Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood,” N.N. Light. “Emotional, gripping, humorous, and insightful, I recommend this book to women around the world.

Nikki Grey's idea of living dangerously is not wearing a seatbelt, yet calamity always finds her.

Married to a workaholic, mothering three rebellious kids, and feuding with neighborhood friends, Nikki forgets her problems one afternoon by smoking marijuana. That blunder ignites a lifelong medical condition, and she loses her driver’s license. Suddenly stranded in her home, she’s forced to stare out the window at women who have ostracized her.

Her true friends encourage her to concentrate on her health, but Nikki embarks on a scheme to win back neighborhood friends and plunges into efforts that only end in muddying her reputation. Not until her two-timing husband asks her a question that catapults her frivolous suburban life into a tailspin is she forced to stop reaching for others and stand on her own.

If you like novels about family struggles, friendship wars, quieting your inner critic, and surviving rejection, you’ll love Friends Who Move Couches, a laugh-out-loud yet insightful story every woman can relate to in some way.

CJ Zahner

About CJ Zahner (Raleigh, North Carolina Author)

CJ Zahner

Cyndie "CJ" Zahner is a digital-book hoarder, lover of can't-put-down books, wife, mother, grandmother, and author.

Before becoming a novelist, CJ worked as a grant and freelance writer. Her articles varied from business to women’s health to the paranormal. In 2015, she began looking at life differently when her brother and his wife were diagnosed with dementia and early-onset Alzheimer’s. At that time, her husband pulled her aside and said, “Quit your job. You’re a writer.” After twenty years of service, CJ picked up her purse at work one day and quietly walked away.

Now, she rises before dawn, writes, runs, and smiles much. She’s published five novels: The Suicide Gene (2018), Dream Wide Awake (2018), Project Dream (2019), Friends Who Move Couches (2020), and Don’t Mind Me, I Came with the House (2021).

CJ Zahner lives in Wendell, NC and spends summers in the town where she grew up, Erie, Pennsylvania. A hard worker and story lover, Zahner hopes to read, write, and run happily ever after.