House Keys – The Essential Homeowner's Guide to Saving Money, Time, and Your Sanity Building, Buying, and Maintaining a Home

House Keys
456 Pages
ISBN 9781546350316

Not just another “how-to” book!

After many requests from the readers of Lisa’s popular home improvement columns, House Keys consolidates years of short, insightful articles into one handy resource. Anyone who owns a home, or plans to, will appreciate this easy to understand and fun guide to home care, with an entire section on home inspections.

House Keys covers everything from getting the best contract terms on a custom home to essential cleaning shortcuts. You’ll learn how to:

 Choose the Best Contractor  Use a Home Inspection to Sell Your Home  Organize Your Home to Reduce Mess Stress  Monitor Your Home While You’re Away  Design a Secret Room and Secret Hiding Spaces  Downsize and De-clutter and Organize What’s Left  Make Everything from Decks to Appliances Last Longer  Solve Pesky Pest Problems  Stay Safe in Your Home with Checklists for Emergencies And so much more!

Lisa Turner

About Lisa Turner (Asheville, North Carolina Author)

Lisa Turner

Licensed Home Inspector, Contractor, and Engineer Lisa Turner shares the secrets and stories, tips and tricks for building, buying, selling, and maintaining a home while saving time, money, and your sanity. Years of design and building experience deliver never before published tips for organizing and arranging your home so you get the most happiness and magical enjoyment from your effort. From gadgets to security systems to cleaning, Lisa offers practical advice that keeps you safe and happy.

An admitted gadget geek, Lisa built an airplane in her garage in the 1990s and flew it solo from Florida to Maine and back. Lisa holds degrees in electronics engineering (A.S.), English (B.A.), and science (D.Sc.). House Keys is her second book.