How to Start Living – (in the Zombie Apocalypse)

How to Start Living
324 Pages
ISBN 1542657725

How would YOU survive the zombie apocalypse? It's a question Charlie never thought to ask herself, but now that she's been dropped into the middle of it she has to face her new reality. She isn't sure if the answer is simply to kill or be killed, or if there's some way around that...and she's not even sure she wants to take the pacifist route, anyway.

Follow Charlie as she leaves a yoga retreat and is forced to begin a journey back to her childhood home; as she struggles to survive, only to discover that she's never felt so alive before.

T.L. Walker

About T.L. Walker (Greenville, South Carolina Author)

T.L. Walker

T.L. Walker is a fandom and geek culture expert, event planner, public speaker, and writer. She founded Ice & Fire Con, the first ever Song of Ice and Fire/Game of Thrones convention in the US, and now runs its parent company Saga Event Planning. Additionally, she is co-administrator of the popular geek media website The Geekiary and co-hosts the “FEELINGS…with The Geekiary” webcast. Tara has spoken about geek culture at San Diego Comic-Con, C2E2, MegaCon, Dragon Con, Ohio State University, TedX Sarasota, and more. Her debut novel, The Way of Reckoning, was published in December 2014; her second novel - entitled How to Start Living (in the Zombie Apocalypse) - was released in February 2017.

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