Josh's Challenge – A King Brothers Novel

Josh's Challenge
272 Pages
ISBN 978-1-947727-45-8

When you live in a small town, reputations are impossible to transcend…

Plagued by social anxiety, Melissa Theroux has always used her shy girl label to her advantage. But now that she’s living next door to the town’s playboy, she’s going to have to get creative to push away his advances.

Josh King has always been intrigued by Melissa, especially since she’s the one girl in town who’s never chased after him. He’s determined to break through her shy reputation and make her a part of his life forever.

When a stalker comes calling at Melissa’s door, she must turn to Josh for help. Now Melissa must learn to overcome her panic attacks in the midst of beginning a new relationship, a new career…and an old past that won’t leave her alone.

Elise Manion

About Elise Manion (Reno, Nevada Author)

Elise Manion

Elise and her husband of over two decades are recent empty-nesters living in northern Nevada.

Elise has published three novels in the King Brothers trilogy, and three additional short stories in three anthologies ranging from contemporary, paranormal, and young adult.

You can find her on all the usual social media haunts like Facebook and Twitter, but Elise prefers Instagram, and has recently become addicted to SnapChat as "jackswritermom."

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