No Easy Road

No Easy Road
300 Pages
Appolodorous Press
ISBN 978-1511839129

Five years in the Centauri Royal Navy has earned Lieutenant Thomas Cochrane the disapproval of his superiors. And when his captain dies in an accident that Tom is unable to prevent, the young officer finds himself without a posting and without a future. Unless he can make a destiny of his own.

Bertrand Lile spends his days in the shadows, obeying the orders of a clandestine society while harboring his own secret, his belief that a distant enemy is weaving its tentacles into the heart of the Centauri Empire. But his time to prove this is running short.

This first book in the Concordia Series starts the friendship of Tom and Bertrand set against a culture satisfied with its own traditions. Caught between pirates who want to kill them and their supposed comrades who could end their careers, they seek to save their worlds that do not yet know of the looming dangers.

And they find that no matter what the destination, the journey has no easy road.

Greg Camp

About Greg Camp (Harrison, Arkansas Author)

Greg Camp

Greg Camp was born in the hills of North Carolina about a hundred thirty years later than was good for him. He has wandered around the southern United States ever since, picking up bits of experience and polishing his curmudgeonly persona. He listens to the Muses whenever they sing to him. Following a star brought him and his cat to northwest Arkansas, where he is currently trying to repair his sextant.

He is the author of seven books, including the novels No Easy Road and The Willing Spirit and two books on guns and gun politics, Each One, Teach One (with Ranjit Singh) and A Writer's Guide to Guns