Paradox: The Alien Genome

Paradox: The Alien Genome
370 Pages
ISBN 978-1533166388

With Earth facing a mortal challenge brought on by a genetically engineered vaccine, a small group of intrepid humans left Earth in 2155 to search for the cure. Captain Thomas Jackson and his crew of 15 humans and a Draconian traveled 25 light years to Beta Hydri only to have a rocket malfunction shipwreck them on its fourth planet.

They found the DNA they sought but the paradoxical planet exhorted a price: starvation. Reaching out to the indigenous humanoids, each problem solved brought a new disaster to contend with. Inevitably, while the captain’s love for one of the aliens is accepted, their unexpected baby is not. Xenophobia breaks out with a passion. Natural phenomenon is blamed on the innocent jinx, a half human the alien gods abhor.

Jackson must protect his child and hold his command together against the geological, social, and biological forces which are beyond his control long enough to wait out a rescue. Will he get his daughter with the miracle DNA back to Earth in time to save humanity? In time to save her life?

Holly Rivney

About Holly Rivney (Las Vegas, Nevada Author)

Holly Rivney

Ms. Rivney was born in southern California at the tail end of the Baby Boom era. Beginning her writing before high school, she considered teaching English as a career. An extroverted introvert, however, she pursued another avenue to avoid human interaction, animal sciences, but kept drifting back to the pen and paper.

Led astray into the corporate world by the desire to buy groceries, she kept her foot in the door by writing technical manuals, dabbling in copy writing, freelancing, and editing newsletters. After launching a blog aimed to educate the everyday Jane about animal care, the compulsion to put words on paper returned and hasn't left since.

Ms. Rivney has a degree in English with a Creative Writing Emphasis, and another in Applied Veterinary Medical Technology. She holds a state license as a veterinary technician and puts that knowledge to use daily.

She makes her home in Las Vegas, Nevada on a rare and cherished acre oasis. Besides a husband of eighteen years, Mike, and a fifteen year old son, Mitchell, she shares her life with dozens of domesticated creatures including horses, dogs, cats, fish, farm birds, and a neurotic feather plucking parrot. Many find their ways into novels by inspiring original characters or by portraying themselves, under fictitious names of course, to protect their identity.

Her interests are varied but usually boil down to science - most any science will do. Biology and Astronomy usually float to the top supported by Zoology, Astrophysics, Genetic Engineering, Marine Life, Chemistry, and Geology. You will find her at Star Trek Conventions, Writer's Conferences, Veterinary Seminars, or on the back of one of her horses when she takes a break from the keyboard to come up for air.