Preacher and the Bounter Hunter series

Preacher and the Bounter Hunter series
Outlaws Publishing

This is where you will find out about the western writer Grady Bryant.

After publishing fifteen action novels I have sighed with Outlaws Publisher to write nothing but westerns. It is exciting to bring the reader into the real west where you can feel the new gun in your hand and feel the horse beneath you as you chase outlaws across the desert of Texas and New Mexico. The Preacher and the Bounty Hunter series are the talk of the western reading world as the bounty hunter shoots ‘um and the preacher prays for ‘um. Together they are unstoppable.

First in the series is the intro to both Chico, the Bounty Hunger, and the Preacher. Read how this pair teamed up to be the most feared outlaw chasers in the west after tracking a famous outlaw across Texas and into Mexico to find out where a secret treasure is buried.

Grady Bryant

About Grady Bryant (Fort Worth, Texas Author)

Grady Bryant

After one year of college Grady found he could not control his restlessness and moved on to more exciting projects. He joined the army and after completing his aptitude testing for the military he was trained for assignments that suited his call for high adventure. When discharged he turned to driving race cars and was immediately picked up by Chevrolet to help develop several concepts of the muscle car era.

After a successful ten years of driving, promotion, and handling motor sports teams Grady quit and returned to college and earned a law degree. He practiced criminal law until sickened by the legitimacy of the system and returned to what he knew best, driving race cars. Grady was immediately hired to drive for corporations such as Chrysler, Levi's, Matco Tools, and his last ride was with Adolph Coors Corp.

Being a syndicated writer for several motor sports publications led him to write his first book about the early days of drag racing, "Match Race Madness." It relates to the early days of racing and is considered to have a cult following and is frequently quoted in motor sports editorials. Unbeknownst to himself he was continuously preparing to be an action adventure writer, encompassing his travels and adventures into fiction, which is manifested in all his books.