Red Splashes – Musings from the ocean and beyond

Red Splashes
166 Pages
ISBN 978-1986179829

Red Splashes, filled with many colorful images, is autobiographical as it presents much of the art work and poetry I've created. My collection of short stories is fiction.

Poetry and story-telling used words to paint the visions and experiences from my soul that were sparked by life. Painting channeled my world with a Wabi-Sabi approach and the portrayed carved stones, when I searched delicately with chisel and rasp, allowed me to find their hidden images.

Marilyn Hansen

About Marilyn Hansen (Orange County, California Author)

Marilyn Hansen

Creative writing foraged its way into Marilyn's life after many years of business writing in the arenas of medicine, art, and advertising. While employed as a fundraiser for an art institution as well as for a medical and research center provided memories for her to draw upon. Many of her stories and poems evolved from adventures in these disparate worlds.

A continuous thread of creativity runs simultaneously through her written words, paintings and stone sculptures, all rendered in a Wabi Sabi fashion. Her short stories, poetry and art work, have been included in several writers' anthologies, Some of her prize-winning poems have been published in print and online.

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