Remembering Flint, Michigan – Stories from the Vehicle City

Remembering Flint, Michigan
192 Pages
ISBN 978-1-60949-018-8

Hop in for a ride with local history columnist Gary Flinn to the halcyon days of Flint. Revisit the contributions of oft-overlooked David Buick, the inventive and invaluable Flint auto pioneer who lacked the business savvy to become an auto legend. Travel back to the original Kewpee Burger and wash it down with an old Vernor’s Ginger Ale before catching a show at Capitol Theatre. Fast-forward a few years and flip open a copy of the Flint Voice, the alternative newspaper published by controversial filmmaker and Flint native Michael Moore. Come along for the journey and time travel through Flint—the Vehicle City.

Gary Flinn

About Gary Flinn (Flint, Michigan Author)

Gary Flinn

Gary Flinn is a product of the Flint Community Schools and a graduate of Mott Community College and Michigan State University who lived in the Flint area most of his life. His earliest writings were for Flint Central High School publications The Tribal Times and The Arrow Head. Besides Broadside, he also contributed articles for the Uncommon Sense, Your Magazine, the Flint Journal and Downtown Flint Revival magazine. He presently lives on Flint’s west side.