Stand Together – World of Difference

Stand Together
38 Pages
ISBN 978-1-952567-62-9 (HARDCOVER) 978-1-952567-63-6 (SOFTCOVER)

Sometimes, you need your waddle.

Join this waddle of five roly-poly penguins as they discover the different ways they need support and the ways they can support others. After all, even the tiniest penguins can achieve great things when they stand together!

Stand Together is the first book in the “World of Difference” children’s book series that seeks to foster positive character development in and conversation with kids. While the series is written for young children, the messages and beautiful illustrations will resonate with people of all ages.

Suitable for ages 3 to 7.

Kim Hanzo

About Kim Hanzo (Charlotte, North Carolina Author)

Kim Hanzo

Most authors begin with a written story and seek an illustrator to bring them to life. My experience has been the opposite.

I’ve long believed that life is a story. And, historically, my medium (and passion) for storytelling has been illustration. There’s no greater joy than inspiring thought, evoking feelings and making personal connections through the power of imagery.

In a quest to fulfill my life’s dream and in an effort to make a difference in this world, I developed a body of illustrated work that ultimately seemed to have more to say than one picture could contain. And so, with the encouragement of family and friends, my journey to expand the visual stories with written words began.

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