Tales From the Mile High Gator

Over the course of eighteen original books and five foreign language compilations, the Whisanant Mythos has followed the picaresque saga of Doyce Whisanant over a wealth of adventures spilling over across more than a single lifetime. With the publication of this nineteenth original work, "Tales From the Mile High Gator" brings the Mythos to its entertaining climax, now that the protagonist has reached his Promised Land of Candor-on-Asperger, Florida. Twelve linked stories and one historical novelette comprise this capstone of misadventure wherein one unique lifetime of plotlines and disparate threads are seen to constitute the single cord of one very conscious identity, confined to a realm not of its making. An original work sure to entertain and appall.

Tony W. Arnold

About Tony W. Arnold (Jacksonville, Florida Author)

Tony W. Arnold

Over a varied career ranging from law enforcement to antiquarian bookseller, Arnold has pursued his eclectic, picaresque fictional style through the underground 'zine scene of the 1990s, which has now crystallized into The Whisanant Mythos: a series of works revolving around protagonist mainstay Doyce Whisanant and crew.

With occasional forays into art books, this output has now surpassed thirty installments, incorporating a widely-divergent palette combining the most interesting aspects of noir and sweat pulp fiction, black humor, and spirituality. Billed as Southern Gonzo, these works take their place alongside Arnold's other creative endeavors on his central website www.TheBookBastard.com, "the abattoir of the sacred cow." Arnold long ago adopted Florida as his literary center, and has now made it his actual home base.