The Angels' Lament – Etched in Granite Historical Fiction Series, Book Two

The year is 1872. Alone and determined, 17-year-old Sarah Hodgdon boards a train, trading farm life in New Hampshire for the textile mills of Fall River. Woefully disillusioned, she finds herself trapped in a brutal factory and living in a filthy tenement. She is tormented when she learns the fate of her family.

About to drown in a sea of spindles, she meets lamplighter, August Wood, who illuminates the gap between the affluent and the undesirables that dwell in the murky shadows. Stripped down to her bare instincts, she retreats into a secret world, that if revealed, would shatter all that remains.

Everything collides when Bess, the captivating woman across town, emerges, navigating the dense world of the local elite, offering a glimpse into an era when women were beginning to take the stage. Survival, a resilient thread of music, interweaves their compelling stories, binding them together, unveiling grievous misdeeds from the past.

Mj Pettengill

About Mj Pettengill (New Hampshire Author)

Mj Pettengill

Mj Pettengill is an author, lecturer, and social historian with a focus on cultural narrative and traditions, social welfare development, and intergenerational studies. She is a facilitator of creative writing and transformative arts workshops.

Pedaling through history is not new to her. Mj is a musician; her interests include Civil War Era performance and living history events. Aligned with her passion for nature and exploring the ancient healing traditions, customs, and folklore of her ancestors, she lives on a farm in the woods of New Hampshire.

In addition to earning undergraduate degrees in social history, psychology, and music, Mj received an MFA in creative writing. For more information, visit her website:

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