The Conflict Within: The Second American Civil War – The Price of Prosperity

The Conflict Within: The Second American Civil War
254 Pages
ISBN 978-1523937615

In 2023 the United States is on the verge of bankruptcy. President Donald Filmore devises a plan to save money but it involves suspending unemployment and welfare services. With significant amount of Americans using these services, many turned to rioting. The President seeing the increase in violence activates Martial Law and suspends the 2nd Amendment. Many of the state governors disagreed with this action and decided to secede from the U.S. creating their own country, The Free States of America using the ideals of what America should stand for "The People." With the country now split into two, the United States doesn't have enough military forces to handle this new rebellion. The President asked the United Nations for help but no country will help with the matter except for one, Russia. Now with the power of Russia backing the U.S. will the rebellion stand a chance to get their freedom back?

Dan Long Jr.

About Dan Long Jr. (Columbus, Ohio Author)

Dan Long Jr.

I was raised on a farm most of my life and spent most of my career in law enforcement as security officer and police officer. I enjoy hunting and fishing and have my own YouTube channel called Northernview Outdoors that showcased my activities. I got into writing when I couldn't find anymore novels based off the topic I like to read which was Spider-man and I decided to write my own story. I tried to contact Marvel to see if they were interested in my stories but got no where with them. I thought if i wanted something published I had to come up with my own idea and that's where my first book comes from. It is relaxing to write and bring people to life on the page otherwise would only just a idea in my mind. I also am a vintage toy dealer on the side and do toy shows in my area and get to meet a lot of nice people that way. I currently live in Newark, Ohio with my wife and two cats and my dog.

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