The Elemental Horses – Flight

The Elemental Horses
36 Pages
ISBN 9781312291454

The carousel is threatened by the world it was meant to help. Can the modern world be trusted with the secrets the horses protect?

This is book 3 in the series. The themes get more serious as the horse and rider pairs goes out into the world to try to fix all kinds of real world problems like the superheroes that they are. This is for older kids who have been exposed to current events like the things they see on the news. It is to help them reflect on ideas such as good and evil, confronting fears and other emotions.

Diana Huang

About Diana Huang (Orange County, California Author)

Diana Huang

Artist, Art Teacher, Activist & Professional Daydreamer

Author and Illustrator of The Elemental Horses book series

Diana Huang is a professional artist who has been teaching & mentoring for 15+ years. By working for various clients and companies, she shows to her students how important basic art skills are applied to various industries.

Born and raised in Southern California to Chinese immigrant parents, life was a constant struggle to find identity and figure out what is right, what is true and what is real. Her studies and creative works produced have been in pursuit of figuring out and establishing her own professional identity in the United States. Her current art project explores idioms in a humorous way. Another writing project in the works, a science fiction/fantasy novel for your readers grades 4 and up, explores some of the issues she had to deal with while growing up.