The Fourth Kinetic – Clairvoyants

The Fourth Kinetic
436 Pages
ISBN 978-1952404382

There are four breeds of Clairvoyants: Kinetics who can move objects with their minds, Prophets who have involuntary visions of the future, Readers who can explore the deepest thoughts of others in an instant, and Aural who can transfer their consciousness to control the bodies of others.

17-year-old Rion Grean is a Kinetic, but he has no idea there are others like him. His protective mother kept them on the move, even refusing to tell him about the father he never knew. When an accident separates them, he finds himself on the run from a covert, militaristic force that sees his kind as wasps that have strayed into the homes of normal humanity. Suddenly engulfed within the different factions of the Clairvoyants, the boy who has never been good at making friends must determine who to follow.

Rion is like many youths. He is talented and intelligent, but his circumstances have made him reserved and unsure about where he stands with his peers and what his purpose is in life. When he is forced out of his comfort zone, he quickly discovers the true meanings of friendship and family. This isn't a story about heroes and villains. It is a deeply personal journey of one boy's path to self-discovery and the struggle to coexist with a world designed to fear what it doesn't understand.

Brady Moore

About Brady Moore (Charlotte, North Carolina Author)

Brady Moore

Brady was born and bred in Charlotte, North Carolina where years of Saturday morning cartoons, superhero comics and science-fiction movies slowly manifested into aspirations of being a fiction author. He originally graduated from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro in 2010 with a degree in Media Studies and a goal of putting his skills as a writer toward journalism. The idea to write novels came after spending years of working as a theater manager and blogging about movies. If he's not playing with his hyperactive dog or binging shows on Netflix with his wife, he's probably off plotting his next project.