The Open Organization – A New Era of Leadership and Organizational Development. 2nd Edition

The Open Organization
188 Pages
ISBN 978-1533320117

The Open Organization - 2nd Edition. What is it that makes certain organizations more successful? Organization design and its management has long been the fixation of leaders and scholars alike. Cracking the code to the perfect organizational ecosystem appears to be the dividing line between great success and mediocrity. The 21st century launched with great volatility and a level of cultural and global diversity unknown by previous generations. This instability demands new approaches and methods for the delivery of products, services and ideas. We can no longer afford to run organizations with 19th and 20th century ideas. The pressures of shifting demographics, culture and technology require new approaches to organizational leadership and structures. Welcome to the era of the Open Organization.

The Open Organization: A New Era of Leadership and Organizational Development, by Dr Philip A Foster, is divided into three distinct parts; the first explores the foundations of an Open Organization, covering the evolution of leadership and organization theories from the beginning of known time through to the 21st century; the second discusses the elements of such an organization, presenting the ecosystem of an Open System with its structure, culture and decision-making functions, while the third examines the 21st century organization, questioning ’who should go Open’ and reviewing the reality of creating this type of organization, understanding control and resistance and addressing the matter of bringing about change.

Philip A. Foster

About Philip A. Foster (Cincinnati, Ohio Author)

Philip A. Foster

Dr. Philip A. Foster is a leadership/business coach and consultant, author, international speaker and Adjunct Professor. He is a noted Thought Leader in Business Operations, Organizational Development, Foresight and Strategic Leadership. Dr. Foster facilitates change through the design and implementation of strategies, strategic foresight, and planning. He holds a Master's in Organizational Leadership and a Doctorate of Strategic Leadership. He has published scholarly articles and is the bestselling author of The Open Organization. A New Era of Leadership and Organizational Development. 2nd Edition and Organization 3.0 - The Evolution of Leadership and Organizational Theories Toward an Open System for the 21st Century. His experience includes over twenty-five years in both public and the private sector including Tier 1 consulting, media, high-tech and public relations.