Where People and Projects Meet – Tools and techniques for understanding and managing the people side of projects

Where People and Projects Meet
246 Pages
Keshishian and Walkow
ISBN 1449909680

People...they can make a project successful, or they can make it a certain failure, without intentionally meaning to. This book answers questions all project managers have concerning managing the people-side of projects:

How do you navigate a project through organizational politics? How do you effectively work with key stakeholders? How do you implement effective project governance? How do you engage and work with the project sponsor? How do you get the business ready? How do you become a credible leader? How do you get members of the project team to work like a team? How do you deal with conflict? How do you plan for project resources, and bring them on board? How do you understand and capitalize on people's motivations?

Patricia Walkow

About Patricia Walkow (Corrales, New Mexico Author)

Patricia Walkow

Patricia Walkow is an author whose work has appeared in four award-winning anthologies: Corrales Writing Group 2013 Anthology, Corrales Writing Group 2014 Anthology, Currents, Corrales Writing Group 2015 Anthology, and Passages. Her work has also appeared in Hands that Hurt, and Random Thoughts. She was a columnist for The Glendale [California] News Press, and Bethlehem [Pennsylvania] Globe Times. She has published articles in Albuquerque, the Magazine, the Corrales Comment, Prime Time, Quail Bell Review, Criterion, an International Journal in English, Down in the Dirt Magazine, Lemon Quarterly, Talking Soup, Sonderers Magazine, Corrales MainStreet News, and Corrales In Focus. She was editor-in-chief of Corrales [New Mexico] MainStreet News for three years.

She was awarded third place for her short story, The Far Moist End of the Earth, in the 2016 William Faulkner Literary Competition. Ms. Walkow co-authored Where People and Projects Meet, a project-management book offering tools and techniques for managing the people side of projects, published in 2010. Her newest work, a 105,000-word creative non-fiction biography, The War Within, the Story of Josef, was published on June 27th, 2016. It is the true story of a teenager who grows to manhood in World War II Germany, where he was a slave laborer. It has received the following awards: First Place in the New Mexico Press Women Organization’s 2017 Communications Competition; First Place in the 2017 National Indie Excellence Awards; First Place in the 2017 National Federation of Press Women Communications Contest; a Gold Medal for biography by the Military Writers Society of America; and a Silver Medal in the 2017 Global E-Book Awards competition.

Ms. Walkow continues to write short stories and contributes regularly to both online and in-print anthologies, newspapers, and magazines. She is currently working on a novel.

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