Blight Haven – The Founders Gifts Book Three

Blight Haven
186 Pages
ISBN 978-1522869924

Criminal investigators make a video of the bloody aftermath of the murders at the Bright Haven Academy, implicating Queen Adriana, and present this evidence to a gathering of world leaders. After seeing video technology for the first time, these shocked leaders immediately declare war on the young Queen. Unaware, Adriana leaves on a mission to meet these same leaders. She hopes to expose the evil genetic tampering of a group of scientists who call themselves the Purists. When ambushed and facing certain defeat, she uses her nanite-powered camouflage to escape into the wilderness, hoping they will spare her wounded guards.

Alone, she cannot prove her innocence. She needs real people with real power, if just one person would look at the facts of the case, there might be a chance to prove her innocence and reveal the real threat posed by the Purists. The Founder’s technology and her connection to its database of virtual experts isn’t enough to save her this time. Most of her friends have been captured, but one person just might help her, the Dowager Duchess Evelyn, Adriana’s future mother-in-law. What happens next, will alter the course of humanity forever in this action-packed adventure complete with mutant monsters, young love, and a secret mission behind enemy lines.

Drayton Alan

About Drayton Alan (Brighton, Michigan Author)

Drayton Alan

Aside from working as a hotel night janitor while in school, I have spent the decades since as an electronics field engineer for a Fortune 500 telecommunications & aerospace company. Over the last four years, I’ve published my first science fiction series of novels with three successful Kickstarter campaigns, on Amazon book one reached top ten in its subgenre. This spring I won a 42-word flash fiction contest with a Douglas Adams theme. I have an extensive public speaking background and enjoy being in front of an audience