Jaguarundi – The Founders Gifts Book Two

186 Pages
ISBN 978-1499694307

Dresinia’s civil war is over and Princess Adriana’s coronation is imminent. Yet she and Dalt continue to face their forefather’s legacy of conflict and suffering. Despite having the help of the amazing technology of the FOUNDERS GIFTS, the struggle continues! Dalt finds himself once again locked into a battle against the remnants of the pseudo-religious Purists whose fiendish plans include extorting and terrorizing the innocent townsfolk with even more of their mutated Jaguarundi.

Now, the princess has fallen prey and become trapped in a bizarre virtual reality by one of the Purist leader’s dirty tricks.

Will they survive to bring a better life for their people? Or will the menacing darkness of centuries past crush their hopes of love and happiness?

Drayton Alan

About Drayton Alan (Brighton, Michigan Author)

Drayton Alan

Aside from working as a hotel night janitor while in school, I have spent the decades since as an electronics field engineer for a Fortune 500 telecommunications & aerospace company. Over the last four years, I’ve published my first science fiction series of novels with three successful Kickstarter campaigns, on Amazon book one reached top ten in its subgenre. This spring I won a 42-word flash fiction contest with a Douglas Adams theme. I have an extensive public speaking background and enjoy being in front of an audience