Seriously? – A Humorous Look at Life's Little Plot Twists

84 Pages
ISBN 1973954419

In her tongue in cheek style, Sherrie Giddens introduces you to her most laugh-out-loud moments. Readers will feel as if they are walking alongside her, as she describes life as a card-carrying member of the klutz club. Her honest look at being a wife and mother is a hilarious mixture of unforeseen circumstances and misunderstandings, which seem to be a constant companion as she travels the country with her family. Join her, as she runs for her life, is mistaken for a corpse, and feeds a few alligators. Get to know Sherrie a little better as you walk with her, talk with her, and laugh with her.

Sherrie Giddens

About Sherrie Giddens (St. Charles, Missouri Author)

Sherrie Giddens

Sherrie Giddens is a dedicated author for women and their families. Offering titles in various genres, she brings her life experiences to the written word in a way that celebrates an individual's many facets. As an author, she reaches into the heart of readers, offering them a reason to keep turning the pages of her fiction and nonfiction titles.

Among her titles you will find contemporary Christian works, humorous and light-hearted looks at life, recipe books, Christian nonfiction, secular fiction and nonfiction title, as well as children's books.

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