Snowball Visits the Veterinarian – The Adventure Continues

Snowball Visits the Veterinarian
32 Pages
Putman Publishing
ISBN 9781519212535

In this fun book, the second in the Snowball series, the real life story is told of a time when our favorite little Pomeranian become ill. Snowball is taken to the veterinarian and has surgery. She is returned home to rest and heal. By the end of the story, she is back to her playful and happy self.

This book provides an opportunity for parents and teachers to discuss the important work done by veterinarians to help animals be healthy and how they help our pets when they are sick. Talking about this as a family or class can help children understand why it is important to look out for their pet's health.

CM  Putman

About CM Putman (Charleston, South Carolina Author)

CM  Putman

CM Putman is a children's book author, writer, educator, and community volunteer. Born in South Carolina, she traveled all over the United States as a child since her father served in the United States Air Force.

Dr. Putman worked in the field of public education for thirty years as a teacher and administrator and has taught at the university level for over a decade. She is also a member of the National Society of Daughters of the American Revolution, which promotes American history, service to veterans and active duty personnel, and historic preservation.

She is married to Wayne Putman, an Air Force veteran. Her hobbies include travel, walking, genealogy, and gardening. She enjoys writing books about their dog Snowball. Snowball accompanies her and her husband to local schools where they share Snowball's stories to the delight of children and adults.