The Monster Dog - Life's Lessons Learned

The Monster Dog - Life's Lessons Learned
32 Pages
ISBN 978-1-952567-02-5

Life isn't always easy for Tasse the Shih Tzu. Sometimes she has problems she doesn't know how to solve.

In The Monster Dog: Life's Lessons Learned, Tasse shares what she's learned from her problems: to be considerate, to be a good listener, to share and be welcoming, to forgive, and more.

Beautifully illustrated, this collection of stories will delight young children, help develop their problem-solving skills, and foster their empathy for others.

Suitable for ages 4 to 8 years.


“Tasse takes readers through her adventures in learning important life lessons in a fun and easy to understand way. Children will relate to Tasse’s experiences and the stories open up wonderful opportunities for discussions between reader and child.” ~ Lynsie M., Austin, MN

Carmen Tribbett

About Carmen Tribbett (Austin, Minnesota Author)

Carmen Tribbett

Carmen Tribbett taught sixth grade, was a registered nurse and taught nursing skills at Riverland Community College. She lives in Austin, Minnesota, with the real "Monster Dog," who continues to be an inspiration for her writing.