Twisted Virtues: Complicated Matters

Twisted Virtues: Complicated Matters
245 Pages
ISBN 1545050805

Why do we do what we do?

Goals, dreams, ambition...

Money, power, revenge...

Maxwell and Olivia Dulane' have successfully built and maintained a strong foundation for their family and are considering handing over the reigns to the family business. Can they let go?

Tobias and Sheyla overcame difficulty in their early lives and were on the verge of creating a lasting legacy when all of their dreams began to shatter. Will they survive this time?

Draven and Levi are on different sides of the law, both want the same thing, equally bad. Can either win?

Choices, challenges, consequences...

Life doesn't always make it easy to remain true to one's values or escape them.

Nadia is torn between embracing the world created for her or leaving it behind. What will she choose?

The past is meant to stay in the past, but Gabrielle and Imani discover that sometimes it never truly goes away.

So many people. So many questions.

It's life and it's complicated.

Tamir A. Shaw

About Tamir A. Shaw (Toledo, Ohio Author)

Tamir A. Shaw

Tamir Shaw is an American writer born in Marion, Ohio. She enjoys expressing herself through creative writing and finds joy in telling the stories of ordinary people. She is a devoted wife and mother of three.