Worry,Fret and Fear...No More! – A six-week challenge to eliminate worry and overcome fear

Worry,Fret and Fear...No More!
116 Pages
ISBN 9781976887246

Worry, Fret and Fear...No More! Is more than a devotional. It is a six-weekchallenge for the reader to stop worrying and build faith and confidence. It teaches to face fear while moving forward toward a life filled with hope and a sense of purpose.

The readers are encouraged to read, write, pray, and plan the six weeks to be followed by the rest of their lives. Completing this challenge will put concerns in perspective. It will foster courage.

This book uses Christian-Judeo principles and helps the readers remember they are a child of a merciful, loving God and that they are Loved.

Phyllis Kuehnl-Walters,Ph.D.

About Phyllis Kuehnl-Walters,Ph.D. (The Villages, Florida Author)

Phyllis Kuehnl-Walters,Ph.D.

Dr. Phyllis Kuehnl-Walters is a retired psychologist from Ohio, now “refired” as a writer, teacher, and motivational speaker. She serves as the Academic Dean for Casa Hope Christian men’s transitional home and teaches Bible studies ar Fairway Christian Church in The Villages, Florida. She is a member of the Florida Writers Association and Treasure of The Writers’ League of The Villages.

She has published 3 books: “Worry, Fret and Fear...No More!” along with a Study Guide & Gratitude Journal. They are meant to be a six week challenge to eliminate the habit of worrying and overcome fear.

Dr. Kuehnl-Walters’ second book is “Creating Balance & Purpose in your Life”. This book provides strategies for finding joy and meaning in this season of life. Her books are available on Amazon.com. She can be reached at www.doctoryaya.blogspot.com.