Angel Wars – Angel Kings Trinity Book III, Tomes of Zinka Volume III

Angel Wars
592 Pages
ISBN 9781538084830

The Redeemer returns to Zinka!

Fight alongside the Angels in this epic conclusion to the Angel Kings Trinity and third volume in Tomes of Zinka!

The truce now severed, Fireworlders seal off the way to their realm and remain protected as the human army conquors Zinka. As the war takes a nasty turn in favor of the humans, hardly an Angel remains to lead the scattered races in an effort to stop them. The humans gain a deadly ally that knows the weakness of every Angel general and rumors spread the ally may not even be Zinkan.

Among the Angels is Prince Ellipsoah, a Fireworld Devil, who left the safety of his realm to fight for honor and an old promise. Like his Fireworld comrades, Ellipsoah is unable to pray and battles the notion of the return of Jesus who some say walks among them.

With the fate of Zinka resting upon his condemned shoulders, Ellipsoah’s choices will lead the planet to salvation or apocalypse.

Alexandra Edgeworth

About Alexandra Edgeworth (Fayetteville, North Carolina Author)

Alexandra Edgeworth

Alexandra Edgeworth holds a Master of Arts in Writing, summa cum laude, from Coastal Carolina University and a Bachelor of Arts in English and Literature from Francis Marion University.

Her core genre is Fantasy & Sci-Fi ranging from short stories to full-scale tomes which live within her all-encompassing Multiverse vision known as the Yaverse.

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