Red Jester – A Gloom Kings Novel

Red Jester
108 Pages
ISBN 2940163126828

Jesters, Faeries, and humans live beyond the Lands of Demiole in the Red Realm, a bridge from Zinka to the Faerie Realm, but most know this place as DarkTime.

The Jester King mysteriously falls ill upon the return of Remin the Hoax. The last man to grave Remin was Red Jester, but he was cursed to stone and no man can find and wake him.

Prince Falkon, the Jester King’s brother, ventures into the Red Realm to find Red Jester and save his people from Remin, but Falkon will need the help of King Leiton‘s daughter, Red Jester’s last known ally. Deadly Black Jesters, led by the mirror master Quixote, work with the Noble Thief to eliminate royal threats to Remin.

Facing Quixote, Pirate Faeries, Picatricks, and Black Jesters, Prince Falcon and his team must use their Jester martial arts to stop the spread of frowny faces and save the world.

Alexandra Edgeworth

About Alexandra Edgeworth (Fayetteville, North Carolina Author)

Alexandra Edgeworth

Alexandra Edgeworth holds a Master of Arts in Writing, summa cum laude, from Coastal Carolina University and a Bachelor of Arts in English and Literature from Francis Marion University.

Her core genre is Fantasy & Sci-Fi ranging from short stories to full-scale tomes which live within her all-encompassing Multiverse vision known as the Yaverse.

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