Seven Days in Carrington – If Statues Could Speak

Seven Days in Carrington
259 Pages
ISBN 9781726835756

The 12th Instant - the day culture war descends on Carrington, storming Anne Carter Thomas' perfect world. When granddaughter, Maddie Spencer enrolls at Hamilton University, this promising scholar joins the protest to dismantle symbols of Civil War heroes. She is tapped to lead the busloads of millennials entering the Quad, as intolerant counter-protesters stage a violent counter-attack. The events that day are all caught on surveillance cameras and mobile phones, as the annual Convocation is ambushed in the crossfire to rewrite history.

Fueled and financed by the 88-year-old billionaire Goergen Schwartz, he will stop at nothing to enact his socialist agenda on the USA, overturning the rule of law as civil unrest clashes in the least likely of places. It's a new style of warfare that forces five generations of Americans to take a side in the senseless anarchy. Always and forever, Anne's family and friends stand ready to defend their provincial traditions against political correctness.

In the backstories, at kitchen tables, and broken families responding to disasters, Carrington rises with what it knows best: compassion and love. Unfolding in a fast-paced 'real-time narrative,' the toppled statues whisper of a nation on the brink of a civil war again. But not before the American Dream may become the next casualty.

Rebecca Templeman

About Rebecca Templeman (Marshall, Michigan Author)

Rebecca Templeman

Born and raised in historic Marshall, Michigan, Rebecca 'Becky' Templeman was educated at Colorado State University, where she earned a B.A. Degree in English with a minor study in Journalism. A professional background includes a career in bank marketing, (then The First National Bank of Colorado Springs), and licensure to sell real estate in 1988.

Becky's family relocated to Albemarle County, Virginia in 1993 where they raised grass-fed Beefmaster cattle on a sustainable 1,000-acre farm. From 1995 - 2000 Becky was the marketing director of the public service announcements and development projects at the Rutherford Institute in Charlottesville. She holds real estate licenses in Colorado, Virginia, and Wyoming, first licensed in 1988. Her avocation is writing fiction, with a strong female-upward thrust and set in places that are familiar and friendly. Fascinated with setting and old houses surrounded by local color, Becky completed her debut novel in 2015 and published its sequel in 2017. Volume 3, SUMMER STORIES was released in July of 2017. Volume 4, SEASON OF LIFE, An Ode to Joe was published in May 2018. Volume 5 IF STATUES COULD SPEAK is due out in May 2019.